Treasury announces zero VAT on PPE
Aerona (Air & Sea) Customs Clearing Agents plays a key role in providing vital supplies for NHS, care homes and carers. 

As one of the UK’s leading customs clearing agents, responsible for the smooth import of countless products including personal protective equipment (PPE) from many different countries, Aerona welcomes the news that the government has temporarily scrapped all VAT charges on essential PPE purchased to protect against Covid-19.  For many years, and over the past few months in particular, Aerona has assisted importers in the shipping and onward distribution of PPE. It is anticipated that the new zero VAT rate will result in savings for the NHS, care homes and all businesses dealing with the coronavirus emergency … of over £100 million. 

The new VAT free rating came into effect on 1st May 2020 and will be applied for three months until 31st July 2020. 

This new concession also comes after import duty was removed from all PPE brought into the UK, a significant proportion of which is managed by Aerona. 

Aerona has played an important role in the government’s drive to speed up PPE supplies and we have helped to accelerate the clearance of shipments from their countries of origin and through UK customs procedures.  We have also been closely involved in assisting the huge distribution effort to speed up deliveries of PPE to key workers and vulnerable staff all around the country. 

The new move by the government will be welcomed by all NHS providers, but in particular the new zero rated VAT will be greatly appreciated by care homes and care workers, who are often unable to reclaim the 20% VAT they previously incurred on their PPE purchases. 

As leading customs clearing agents, Aerona has been closely involved in arranging the international shipment, UK customs clearing and onward distribution of PPE around the country.  The scrapping of VAT on this essential equipment can only mean that more of the essential PPE will reach its destination easier, more economically and considerably quicker for urgent use by frontline nursing staff and key care workers. 

At Aerona we are proud to play such an important role in ensuring that vital PPE reaches its destination without any unnecessary delays or needless holdups. 

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