Dealing with the problem of abandoned cargoes
The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a significant rise in abandoned cargoes.That’s when you need on-the-spot support. 

One of the unexpected effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic is that there has been a noticeable increase in cargoes being abandoned at their overseas destination.  For the owner of the abandoned cargoes this can create massive practical and financial problems, but without any shadow of doubt having someone on-the-spot and able to help resolve the problem can make a huge difference. As one of the UK’s leading freighting agents, Aerona (Air & Sea) Customs Clearing Agents, is in a perfect position to assist clients if the worst does happen. 

The cost of abandoned cargoes, including quay rent and demurrage charges, can be enormous and they can easily escalate to sums that reach tens of thousands of pounds. Unfortunately and all too frequently it is the exporting company that is left with the problem of resolving the issue, even though it is often on the other side of the world. 

The simplest solution to this increasing problem is for the exporter to work with an authorised and experienced shipping agent such as Aerona. If things do go wrong and the buyer, for whatever reason, refuses to accept or rejects the consignment at its overseas destination, then Aerona will quickly react to help you resolve the problem. 

Although Aerona is based in the UK we have an international network of highly reliable associate companies in all parts of the world. 
By closely liaising with these trusted overseas partners we are able to very quickly ensure that an on-the-spot professional, who is fully qualified and familiar with all the local issues, is available to investigate the problem and also to advise and act on a workable and practical solution. 

Very often this locally based expertise can make all the difference between crisis recovery and disaster. 

If you are planning on freighting a consignment of goods to an overseas destination it would be well worth speaking to Aerona first in order to avoid becoming yet another victim of abandoned cargoes. 

From the very earliest stage of the operation Aerona will be able to advise you of all the most important points to be aware of.  We can help with planning the entire freighting process, scheduling the timescale, arranging insurance, managing customs clearing and shipping, and … most importantly, we can arrange for additional support at the overseas destination to be available and in place in order to oversee that crucial stage of the project. 

The local knowledge of our overseas partners can often be the key element in ensuring the smooth progress and success of your shipment. Or, in the even of problems you know that you have a trusted representative watching over your interests. 

Don’t leave things to chance. Speak to Aerona and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a highly professional associate has your back … wherever in the world that may be. 

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