The perils of misunderstood and mis-declared cargoes
‘Limited Quantities’ has become a much-abused declaration 

The problem has been a growing concern over several years now, but there is an increasing amount of mis-declared or even worse, non-declared hazardous cargo being deliberately placed into the international supply chain. If these cargoes fall into the classification of dangerous goods category then of course they can pose an enormous threat to the safety of personnel, property, cargo and the environment. Sometimes the reason for these actions is misunderstanding, however and much more frequently these days, is it deliberate criminal deception. 
At Aerona (Air & Sea) Customs Clearing Agents we believe it is our duty to highlight the risks and possible consequences of these unlawful actions. 

A recent survey showed that for as many as around one third of cargoes stated as limited quantities the mis-declarations are deliberately made as part of an attempt to avoid dangerous goods surcharges. By listing the goods as limited quantities the intention is to conceal the true description of the cargo and to remove it from the relevant dangerous goods regulations. 

Of course the dangerous goods category is not restricted to explosives and such, the goods in question could be potentially hazardous substances such as bleach, acids or chemicals etc. Rules on the carriage of these goods is clear and strict and they are imposed for the very good reason that there is a genuine need to avoid the risk of accidents and to prevent harm coming to individuals, other cargoes, property and of course the environment. 

All potentially dangerous cargoes must be declared before they are shipped – either by land, sea or air. They must also be accurately and honestly labeled in accordance with the relevant regulations. 

By knowingly and fraudulently employing the limited quantities classification as a way to circumvent these regulations and to avoid any additional costs, the unscrupulous traders involved are deliberately putting people and places at an unnecessary and unacceptable risk. 

Over recent years the authorities have been developing a number of software solutions that are designed to identify and highlight non-declared and mis-declared dangerous goods - even those that have been declared as limited quantities. Let’s hope that as these applications become more sophisticated and reliable the authorities will be able to more easily identify criminal activities and help to safeguard the efficiency and wellbeing of the supply chain. 

At Aerona, we are not in a position to positively identify the illegal shipment of dangerous goods and misleading declarations of limited quantities. We do however, advise our clients about the risks involved and we do our very best to avert potential transgressions of the regulations. 

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