Are you prepared for the new Brexit import rules? 
Import declarations are a must from January 1st 2022

Twelve months ago saw significant changes for companies exporting goods to the EU that caused major concerns for many organisations. At the time the new regulations only applied to exports and customs declarations for EU goods being imported into the UK were deferred for twelve months. Now that period of grace is over and from January 1st 2022 import declarations are now mandatory for all goods being brought into the UK from the EU. 

This change is equally as important as the export legislation was twelve months ago and if importing companies fail to make the correct import declarations they face the devastating prospect of having their goods being held up at UK ports … or even worse … being confiscated. 

At Aerona (Air and Sea) Customs Clearing Agency Ltd we have experienced a phenomenal rise in the number of calls and enquiries from companies who by their own admission are unsure as to just how the new import declarations rules will affect their business. 

It’s hardly surprising that in a recent study by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) they found that as few as one in four small importers that are affected by the new rules are prepared and ready to comply with them. 

It’s all very worrying for those importers who are still unprepared for the changes and the prospect of extensive and expensive delays, or at the worst, confiscation of goods.The consequences could be catastrophic for the company’s future. 

The FSB have stated that “For a business that’s importing goods from the EU, particularly of animal origin – foodstuffs or leather items – if the exporter has not filled out the paperwork properly, you could see goods being held up or confiscated at UK ports, which could lead to pretty severe disruption.” 

For those import companies that are not ‘up to speed’ on the new import declarations rules the beginning of 2022 could be a very worrying period. 

If you believe that the new import declarations rules will affect your business then you really do need to speak to someone who can help you overcome the difficulties. 

Why not contact Aerona, who as one of the UK’s leading customs clearing agents is able to guide you through the new regulations.
We can help to ensure that your import declarations paperwork is fully in order and that you minimise the prospects of costly delays or confiscation. 

Added to the complications is the fact that the World Trade Organisation has changed 5,500 commodity codes attached to goods, which could affect the tariff paid. 

So a call to Aerona on 0161 652 3443 could be on the most important calls of the New Year. It could help you to avoid severe disruption to your import operations. 

Remember, professional and highly qualified help and advice is only a phone call away. If you have any doubts about how the new import declarations rules or the new commodity codes will affect your business … then call Aerona without delay. 

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