Air cargo handlers impose huge price hikes
But Aerona Customs Clearing Agents could help you avoid costly penalties 

It’s all ‘kicking off’ in an escalating New Year’s dispute between freight forwarders and air cargo handlers that has seen swinging increases in charges. Many forwarders have even threatened to boycott airlines that employ handlers who are now levying huge charge increases. And the UK in particular is severely affected by these new price increases. 

Conversely, air cargo handlers have reacted by claiming that many forwarders have failed to address the matter of arranging timely collections of their shipments. One handling organisation has reacted by reducing free storage time from 24-hours to 18.  Failing to meet that deadline will see storage costs substantially increased. 

Handlers claim that over the past few months freight forwarders have consistently delayed the collection of their cargoes and have therefore caused severe backlogs at airline depots all around the world. 

On the other hand, forwarders say that the increased storage charges could cost them thousands of pounds as a result of delays that are very often beyond their control. 

It appears the dispute is now entering a deadlock! 

Freight forwarders claim that all too often the delay is caused by handling companies failing to move cargoes quickly enough due to their own congestion and handling inefficiencies. 

Handlers however, counter claim that forwarders don’t do anything to help themselves and that many of the delays are the direct result of a failure to organise prompt pick-ups. 

So is there a sensible solution to this costly conundrum?                                                                       

Well, one answer could be to arrange freight forwarding through a reliable organisation that specialises on a global basis in the efficient, cost effective transfer of cargoes. 

Organisations such as Aerona (Air & Sea) Customs Clearing Agents. 

Here is what it says on the company’s website: “With the right customs clearing service you can be confident your goods will progress smoothly, swiftly and without undue problems. With the wrong ones you could be facing a nightmare of queries, confusion and expensive delays.” 

Aerona Customs Clearing Agents can be relied on to smooth the progress of your imports or exports through the tangle of red tape and legislation. 

Every forwarder wants to minimise delays and therefore contain costs. A chat with Aerona Customs Clearing Agents could be the most efficient way of avoiding totally unnecessary cargo congestion, delays and expensive penalties. 

As one of the world’s leading air and sea customs clearing agents Aerona will be able to advise and assist you to speed up your cargo’s journey through the airline’s daunting requirements. 

Get back in control by contacting Aerona (Air & Sea) Customs Clearing Agents now. 

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