Are you up to speed on the latest Customs regulations?
There have been important changes to Customs safety and security requirements 

If you are involved in the transportation of goods or in the movement of empty vehicles and units across the EU countries then it is absolutely vital that you are familiar with the latest changes to Customs safety and security requirements. 

As a result of the UK’s departure from the European Union and with the conclusion of the Brexit Transition Period, Britain has now left the European Safety and Security (S&S) Zone.  Since that conclusion a series of staged Customs controls have been gradually introduced. 

With this in mind it is important that you are fully aware of the changes involved in the Customs safety and security requirements and it is equally vital that you ensure you comply with all the latest legal requirements. 

As from the 1st October 2021 and as laid out in published plans, standalone exit summary (EXS) declarations will be required. This mandatory requirement follows the end of the easement for empty units being moved to the EU under a transport contract.  It also applies to goods in ro-ro vehicles. 

The crucial element of this new requirement is that if you are a carrier who is defined as the operator of active means of transport, then you will carry the legal responsibility to ensure the UK Customs authority is provided with pre-departure safety and security information. 

What this effectively means is that you will required to submit an exit summary (EXS) declaration in any or all of the following circumstances. 

1. Empty pallets, containers and vehicles being moved under a transport contract. 
2. Goods that have remained in temporary storage for more than 14-days. 
3. Goods that have remained in temporary storage for less than 14-days, but for which import entry summary (ENS) details are
    unknown or alternatively the destination

    consignment has changed.
4. Goods being moved under transit using a Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) or a Transit Security Accompanying Document
    (TSAD) or if the goods are being moved

    via the Transports International Routiers (TIR). 

At Aerona we recognise that the above information may be the cause of some confusion, but the good news is that if you contact us by phoning: 0161 652 3443 we will do our utmost to clarify the situation and your obligations to submit EXS declarations. You could also email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can send us a message using the form that can be found on our Contact page.  Please remember, at Aerona we are here to help you.