To change or not to change
A Government study finds that the SME sector still prefers to use a Customs agent.

Well it certainly reinforces our beliefs at Aerona (Air and Sea) Customs Clearing Agents Ltd, but a recent HMRC review has confirmed that the SME sector largely wants to continue to use a Customs agent when it comes to import and export procedures.  However, the review does concede that among larger traders there appears to be an appetite to use current simplified procedures to a greater extent. 

If you had asked us for our own views, we believe that we could have told you precisely that. It’s just that because we operate at ‘the sharp end’ of the import/export business we are fully aware of the mood and the feelings of Britain’s overseas freighting trade. 

Without doubt, certainly amongst the SME sector, the majority of companies wish to use a Customs agent when it comes to frontier proceedings. 

The Government research generally supports the role of the Customs intermediary. Yes, we admit that there may be room for improvement, but overall most of the SME sector is in favour of using a Customs agent and the report confirms that intermediaries play a vital role for many traders in the frontier and Customs processes. 

In fact most stakeholders confirmed that in their opinion the cost of using a Customs agent is proportionate to the service they received. They also stated that in general they believed that they received a satisfactory service from their intermediary. 

On the other hand, Customs agents such as Aerona suggested that many of the quality and cost issues are attributable to recent changes and uncertainties over rules; poor HMRC systems, guidance and support; plus of course a lack of knowledge by some offices in the sector. 

That is not to say that every business involved in European and worldwide import and export activities want to hand everything over to a Customs agent.
Many respondents expressed their wish to provide some customs processes in-house.
In the main, however, stakeholders report that they are generally satisfied with the service that a Customs agent provides. 

The Government report also supports what we at Aerona have been saying for many years. That is, if you provide the experience and expertise along with sound advice, plus of course the value for money that the import/export business demands then they will be more than happy to keep on dealing with you. 

Which is precisely why so many of our clients have remained with us for a considerable time! 

Maybe you are still undecided. All we ask is that you gave Aerona an opportunity to quote for your next freighting project. We truly believe that you will find our commitment to satisfaction, our unbeatable experience across all parts of the world, the added extras we can provide … and of course the remarkable value for money we offer makes us one of Britain’s leading Customs agents. 

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