Worldwide shipping lines continue to snub Felixstowe
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Some time ago it was reported that leading shipping lines, including Maersk and MSC, have opted to divert ships away from Felixstowe because of concerns about the slow turnaround times at what is Britain’s largest container port. 

We can confirm that now, after what has been several months of this standoff, the unfortunate situation regarding container delays at Felixstowe is still on-going. 

If you are affected by the slow turnaround times for loading and unloading at Felixstowe then a quick phone call to Aerona (Air & Sea) Customs Clearing Agents Ltd would be well advisable. As one of the UK’s leading customs clearance and freight-forwarding specialists Aerona will be pleased to provide sound advice and will help you in every way possible. 

Turnaround times for loading and unloading vessels at Felixstowe are now even longer that they were in 2019, which is why more and more major shipping lines are diverting container vessels to European ports, including Wilhelmshaven in Germany. 

Aerona confirm that they have accredited agents operating at most of the major European ports, including Wilhelmshaven, and because of the company’s unbeatable worldwide experience they can assist importers and exporters to overcome the serious problems that the current diversions and difficulties have raised. 

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The present problems, according to Felixstowe, are due to the increasing size of modern shipping, reduced UK lorry driver numbers and of course to staff shortages caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

A spokesman for the port said that despite the challenges they have faced, the situation at Felixstowe is slowly improving and portside delays have been significantly reduced. 

If you would like further information regarding the situation at Felixstowe and would like reliable updates on the import/export shipping and freight-forwarding situation then please contact Aerona as quickly as possible.

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