The temporary ban on commercial pet imports from higher risk countries is lifted from 29th October
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It has recently been announced by the Animal and Plant Health Agency that previous restrictions on pet imports from Belarus, Poland, Romania and Ukraine have been lifted from 29th October 2022. The lifting of the ban under a new ‘Approved Importers Scheme’ for pet imports is designed to allow safer movement of commercial imports, including rescue animals from higher risk countries. 

There are still, however, certain restrictions that must apply: 
1. Importers must apply to be registered as an approved importer.
2. The scheme requires rescue animals can be re-homed whilst national biosecurity is still protected.

Under the new safeguarding declaration, anyone commercially importing DOGS, CATS and FERRETS into Great Britain from the previously suspended countries can apply for ‘Approved Importer Status’ with the Animal and Plant Agency (APHA) from 29th October 2022. 

It is important to note that in order to be an approved importer, companies or individuals must be based or have representation in the UK. They must have no record of serious non-compliance in the previous 12-months.They must also share with APHA the details of the transporter and the registered premises from where the animals originated. 

These conditions are imposed so that the UK Government can be assured that the country’s biosecurity and public health is not compromised.This is particularly important regarding rabies and tapeworm. 

The ending of the previous restrictions will also allow rescue organisations to resume activities, whilst still complying with the UK’s strict animal health and biosecurity standards. 

Chief Veterinary Officer, Christine Middlemiss and Biosecurity Minister, Lord Benyon have stated:
“Under the Government’s new scheme, tighter controls will mean approved importers must arrive through designated points of entry and must share all relevant health certificates, documents and blood tests before arrival.” 
“We are committed to ensuring safe commercial pet imports, including rescues, can continue and stopping those which carry too great a biosecurity risk.” 

These new conditions only relate to pet imports from Belarus, Poland, Romania and Ukraine. Approved Importer status is not required for DOGS, CATS and FERRETS originating from other countries. 

What you must do before legally importing animals into Great Britain. 

1. Notify APHA details of planned movement including place of origin, name of transporter destination of animals, planned route and
    carrier at least 7-days prior to arrival.
2. Upload all relevant export health certificates and blood tests 2-days before arrival.
3. Pet imports arriving from or via the EU by rail or car must arrive at Dover or Folkstone on Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm.
    Animals travelling by air must enter the country
 at a Border Control Post (Edinburgh, London Gatwick or London Heathrow). 

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