Another important message for managers of Non-Animal Origin imports
Please note that Health Checks are now required 

Last month we wrote about the need for importers or shippers of food or animal feeds to be aware of the new legislation that came into force on the 17th January 2023.  Now as a follow up to that important message we are again advising importers and shippers that as from the same date (17th January 2023) new Non-Animal Origin imports also require Health Checks. 

The New Legislation ­will significantly alter which Non-Animal Origin imports are classed as high risk and will therefore require Health Checks before they can be imported into Great Britain. 

At Aerona we would strongly urge that importers and agents should become familiar with the changes we have listed below. It is also important to note that they must also ensure that they submit accurate documentation for all their consignments. 

It is advisable that you read the full legislative changes. Please click here

For products intended for import into Northern Ireland, please consult the appropriate Port Health Authority 

CHED-Ds and Specific Health Checks are now required on the following products.
·  Lemons from Turkey
·  Hot Peppers from Turkey
·  Betel leaves and products containing betel leaves from Bangladesh and Thailand
·  Mixtures of spices under CN Code 0910 91 from India, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka
·  Mixtures of spices from Indonesia that contain more than 20% of nutmeg 

These products no longer require CHED-Ds and Specific Health Checks
It is worth noting that the following products no longer require the submission of CHED-Ds, any other required documentation or Specific Health Checks if the have an arrival date into Great Britain of 17th January 2023 or after. 
•  Dried grapes (including sultanas, raisins and currants) from Turkey
•  Goji berries from China
•  Pistachios from the USA 

Products moving from Annex 11 to Annex 1 
Please be aware that some products have been moved from Annex 11 to Annex 1 in the New Legislation

These will still require CHED-Ds to be submitted to Port Health Authorities prior to their arrival in Great Britain. They will however, no longer require Health Certificates or Test Reports. 

This new legislation applies to consignments exported from their country of origin on or after 17th January 2023. This will be determined by the loading dates displayed on their Bills of Lading. 
•  Groundnuts from Brazil
•  Groundnuts from China
•  Hazelnuts from Turkey 

Products moving from Annex 1 to Annex 11
Any products moving from Annex 1 to Annex 11 in the New Legislation will require

Original Health Certificates together with copies of Test Certificates to be submitted to Port Health along with CHED-Ds. The format that Health Certificates should be displayed in can be found here. 

This ruling applies to consignments leaving their country of origin on or after 17th January 2023. This will be determined by the loading dates displayed on bills of lading.
•  Sesame seeds from Ethiopia
•  Dried, roasted, crushed or ground peppers of the capsicum species from Sri Lanka 

Compound Foods in Annex 11 
Certain compound foods containing any spices listed in Annex 11 that are subject to aflatoxin controls may require a CHED-D Health-Certificate or a Test Report to be submitted to Port Health. 

These include:
•  Spice mixes from Ethiopia
•  Spice mixes containing over 20% of nutmeg from Indonesia
•  Spice mixes from India 

Sampling Frequencies
Health Controls and sampling frequencies will still apply to each product that has an arrival date of 17th January 2023 or later into Great Britain.
You can check these out by going to Schedules 1, 2 and 3 in the New Legislation. 

Important.  Banned Products
Please note that dried beans from Nigeria intended for food use will continue to be banned from import into Great Britain. 

Aerona will be pleased to provide further information
If you would like clarification on any of the above points please do not hesitate to contact Aerona and we will be pleased to help you in any way we can.  Alternatively you can find further information on importing Non-Animal Origin imports into Great Britain here. 

At Aerona we will do our very best to advise you on this new legislation. You can contact Aerona by telephoning 0161 652 3443. You could also email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can send us a message using the form that can be found on our Contact page.  Please remember, at Aerona we are here to help you.