Be prepared. New UK customs rules on EU goods commence this November
Efficient customs clearance becomes more important than ever. 

At last … despite over two-years of post-Brexit delays, the UK is finally poised to introduce a ‘light touch’ set of customs rules on goods imported from the EU by November 2023. 

In a proposal published in early April, the UK government stressed that it would introduce a trusted traders’ scheme referred to as ‘The UK Single Trade Window’. Its aim is to operate a single digital gateway and reduce bureaucratic requirements for regular importers and exporters. 

These new import controls and customs clearance requirements are planned to become effective in three phases between November 2023 and November 2024. 

It is worth noting that customs clearance will require Export Health Certificates and Phytosanitary certificates for certain outbound free port goods, outbound transit and seafood export for fish from UK waters landed in non-UK ports. 

The government stated that customs clearance controls will be simplified, digitised and eventually be delivered via the UK’s new ‘Single Trade Window’. It was also stated that the new regime will ‘minimise trader burdens and maintain border security in line with international standards’. 

Whilst the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, which governs post-Brexit trade between the EU and the UK ended the free movement of goods when it came into force in 2021, the EU immediately introduced customs clearance checks on goods arriving in the single market from the UK. 

The UK government has repeatedly delayed introducing its own controls on EU goods entering this country. 

This latest proposal has now been put out for consultation with businesses. It also promises to support food businesses that ‘will need to adapt their business and supply chains’. 

Twelve months ago, in April 2022, the UK declined to introduce the final set of EU planned controls on imports, citing the economic damage caused by COVID-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine for the delay. 

There have also been delays in getting the new border process ready, plus lengthy delays faced by travellers leaving the UK via the port of Dover that emphasise the uneven processes experienced at UK-EU border points. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that ‘new processes’ had cause ten-hour delays for coaches wanting to board ferries from Dover. 

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