Defra spells out TOM SPS risk categories
Report makes TOM risk of EU and EFTA easier to tackle

Defra spells out TOM SPS risk categories. That was the subject of a message we at Aerona received from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. It is an important subject that allows traders of animals and most products of animal origin to more easily identify the TOM risk categorisation of their EU & EFTA origin products. 

The main point of the message is that the UK has now published a new risk-based regime for animal and animal product commodities. It lists goods into HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW-RISK categories. Of equal importance, however, it also provides traders with clearer details of how the new SPS regime – as identified by TOM – will be applied. In addition it also pinpoints whether a health certificate and checks are required. 

So, in the letter that identifies how Defra spells out TOM SPS risk categories, it states that categorisation is derived from a scientific assessment of the bio-security and food safety risk each commodity poses, when compared against disease and pest risk of the country of origin. This strategy is designed to rapidly respond to changing risks. 

It is important to note though that the actual TOM risk categories will have SPS controls applied consistently. EFTA countries align their SPS regimes with the EU. They are therefore included within the scope of the new commodity code search tool. 

At Aerona we would strongly advise that if you import food products, live animals or animal products from the EU into the UK then you most definitely need to check the TOM risk-level of your imports as quickly as possible so that you are fully prepared for upcoming changes. 

If you contact Aerona we will be happy to discuss these changes with you, but you can also view the animal and animal products TOM risk categories by clicking here

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