Avoid plastic containers or utensils containing bamboo
FSA warns about long-term risks 

The Food Standard Agency is encouraging retailers and other businesses to avoid plastic containers and utensils containing bamboo or similar plant based materials.  These other materials include, for example, rice husks, wheat straw and hemp and the FSA is now urging businesses to help them determine the long-term safety of food contact materials. 

Until these containers and utensils have been fully assessed and given a clean bill of health they will not be able to remain on the market.  Moreover, products containing these plant-based products that are currently on the market should be withdrawn as soon as possible. 

In an initial risk-assessment carried out by the Committee on Toxicity (COT) these are potentially serious matters concerning the toxicity of chemicals. 

The findings of the COT are that the presence of bamboo and similar plant-based materials in plastic containers could result in the transfer of the plastic components (such as formaldehydes and melamine) into food and drink above what is currently the legal limit. 

Avoid plastic containers or utensils containing bamboo is now a precautionary message recommended by the COT.  Further investigation is currently underway. 

It is also stated that extra precautions should be taken to avoid using doubtful utensils or containers to eat and drink hot and acidic foods and drinks, and on no-account should you place them in a microwave because this may seriously increase the likelihood of harmful chemicals being released. 

The COT states that the most commonly identified products made from plastics that contain bamboo or similar plant products include reusable drinking cups, tableware and cutlery.  Also included are lunchboxes and chopping boards.  Furthermore the list also contains plates, bowls and cups, including those specifically aimed at younger children.  

At Aerona we will do our very best to pass on COT advice and we will also help in any way we can to assist you avoid unnecessary risks. 

The FSA has requested assistance from all relevant businesses as they continue to compile evidence to improve and understand these products. 

The FSA acknowledges that it may be difficult to confirm whether a product is made from a bamboo-composite material once it has been removed from its packaging.  

If you have any doubts, the FSA’s advice is to not use the product until a full risk-assessment has been completed. 

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