Invoice Declaration, not ATR, when trading with Turkey
Be aware of the new requirements 

It is important you are aware that invoice declaration, not ATR, when trading with Turkey is the rule. Prior to the UK leaving the European Union ATR documents were required allowing businesses from the EU and Turkey to trade together and benefit from the Trade Agreement that was in place. An ATR is similar to the EUR1 form, but it was exclusive to Turkey.  Now that the UK has left the EU and has negotiated a trading agreement with Turkey it is no longer necessary to use an ATR form.

The reason is that the UK Government negotiated an exclusive continuity agreement with Turkey. This came into effect in 2021 and does not mention ATR forms. 

Instead, to enable your customer in Turkey to claim preferential rates of duty when sending goods of UK preferential origin, UK businesses must provide an ‘Origin Declaration’ on their commercial invoices. 

It is important that the wording used must be as that provided in the UK trade agreement with Turkey. 

You can find that here! 

However, before using this statement, exporters must ensure that their goods comply with the rules of origin as listed in the trade agreement for their community code. 

You will also find these rules on the above link. 

The fact is that ATR forms can no longer be issued by the UK Chambers of Commerce and used for shipments from the UK. 

If you are requested by your customer in Turkey for an ATR form, you should remember an invoice declaration, not ATR, when trading with Turkey is all that is required. We recommend that you refer them to the trade agreement and the new rules that are now in place. 

It is also worth noting that there are no restrictions on UK Certificates of Origin being provided for Turkey.  You should continue to apply for these as usual. Whilst not linked to the UK trade agreement with Turkey, they may well provide useful when trading with that market. 

At Aerona we can obtain the necessary Certificate of Origin on your behalf. Or, you can contact your local Chamber of Commerce. 

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