(Form C1207N) Standing Authority For Agent/Freight Forwarder(s) To Request Deferment Of Duty Payment Against Importers Deferment Approval Number

If the customer is a regular importer and has a deferment account with HMCE and would like Aerona to clear their cargo, please complete the details on the attached form with your deferment and VAT numbers in the boxes specifield.

The form requires the importers Name,Address, VAT and Deferment numbers at the top of the page, followed by the authorised signatory, date, and status. If you are only authorising one agent to use your deferment number just insert "01" next to the cross sign, and complete the agents detail in box 1 at the bottom of the form.

If you need Aerona to be able to view the balance of your account at any time of the month, put a "Y" next to the agent's name in the box provided.
Once you have completed the C1207N form please fax it to one of our staff members on 0161 627 1896, and we shall forward this to HM Customs office on your behalf. There will be no need to fax a deferment authorisation for each specific import.

Contact us at Aerona Air&Sea Customs Clearing Agents about your next clearances, and we will fax the C1207N form with our company details already completed to you.

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