You need expert help with this complex and complicated process
Whether you are importing or exporting alcoholic drinks it will definitely pay you to have highly experienced specialist customs clearing agents like Aerona CCA on your side to ensure your products progress swiftly and safely through customs; that all your papers are in order and that you do not fall foul of any of the complex duty, tax or import and export laws. 

We are the specialists in assisting the drinks industry to import and export beers, wines, spirits and other beverages.  We are fully conversant with all the necessary documentation and procedures and make sure it meets all the official requirements.   We’ll take care of everything on your behalf … so you don’t have to worry. 

We will also provide help and advice at every step of the way so that the import or export process runs smoothly and without unnecessary delays that could affect your business commercially and financially. 

To give you some idea of the complexity of the documentation, here is a list of the papers you require. Every one of these has to be correctly completed and presented in order to ensure smooth process through the legal system. 

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing lists
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Laboratory papers
  • National Agricultural Laboratory – LANAGRO/MG Brazil
  • Official Certificate of Analysis (CoA) control EXPORT
  • Heat treatment declaration
  • Bill of lading
  • Form VI 1 

Due diligence means you are responsible for the accuracy of all these, so wouldn’t you prefer to let the experts deal with it on your behalf? 

To obtain further information and receive personal, professional advice on how we can take care of all your importing beers and wine responsibilities contact our UK Beers and Wine team. 

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