About Us

We are a privately owned customs broker service based in Greater Manchester, England and we have many years experience working with large and small importers and exporters ranging from major blue chip international organizations, to private individuals who need expert help in sending property abroad or bringing it into this country.

All business is handled personally by our experienced managers and staff, who over the years have established a unique network of contacts including direct access links to all UK ports and airport terminals.


Our worldwide customs clearance services incorporating forwarding, logistics, Air and Sea freight to and from virtually all the major nations, include the USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, plus countries throughout the Middle East and Africa.

With an international network of agents in 84 countries we are able to offer a global solution and total reassurance to all our customers that their shipments will arrive on time.

Every customer’s needs are different, therefore, in addition to our structured services; we provide a flexible, personalized partnership that can be tailored to meet any need.
It is crucial that every company establishes a policy of social, financial and environmental responsibility. At Aerona Customs Clearing Agents Ltd it is a commitment we take very seriously.

As a company we believe that everyone should be respected. This includes our staff, our customers, all our business associates around the world, plus the wider community within which we live and work.  

We also believe that we should be a financially responsible organisation. That means, whilst operating in a businesslike way, we should always conduct ourselves in a fair, honest and trustworthy manner.  As a company we are also committed to supporting a number of charities and worthwhile causes.

Our corporate responsibility also applies to the way we view and treat our environment and we do our utmost to minimise waste and pollution and try to be at all times ecologically aware. Whenever possible we also encourage our fellow business colleagues to adopt a similar environmental agenda.