Freight Dangerous Goods

We know all the risks!

Most consignments of goods we deal with pose no danger to the public or to those people involved in transporting them. However, some goods are potentially hazardous and so if you are to avoid unnecessary risks, delays and problems you must be aware of the strict ‘Carriage of Dangerous Goods’ regulations both here in the UK and internationally.

At Aerona we have that knowledge, plus the experience required to smooth the journey of dangerous goods to and from the UK and to and from anywhere in the world. We offer competitive prices, plus prompt and polite expert guidance and assistance when it comes to obtaining all the relevant and vital documentation that is required both for the importation and export of hazardous goods.

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Our attention to detail also means we will also advise you on compliance with all the very latest legislation so that you avoid unwanted legal pitfalls and costly delays.Your dangerous goods cargo couldn’t be in safer hands.For free, friendly advice, please Contact us.