Break Bulk Project Shipping

Big consignments don’t have to be a BIG problem. 

Aerona is the one company you can trust to move your biggest, most awkward and most precious consignments safely, efficiently … and cost-effectively. 

In other words if you have anything such as a plane, a boat or any other over-sized or weighty cargo you need to move, or if you need to charter a plane or vessel to transport break bulk heavy machinery or plant then we are the people to speak to. 

The Aerona team of highly experienced Break Bulk professionals will make sure that imports, exports or any other transportation requirement proceeds without any unnecessary problems, delays, disruptions or expense. 

We make sure that transportation to or from anywhere in the world is not held up through careless loading or avoidable customs’ delays – either at the place of origin or point of destination. 

Aerona are the international experts. We are always there to help, assist and guide you through the most complex procedures and protocols. Even with the largest or most hazardous cargoes. We are constantly there to ensure that the transportation process proceeds without any undue delays or costs. We are one of the most experienced and efficient Break Bulk shipping specialists there is. 

Which is why more and more companies and individuals now trust us explicitly to move their precious cargoes to and from anywhere in the world. 

Every project is custom-controlled with a tailor-made solution that is individually planned to ensure delays and costs are reduced to an absolute minimum. 

That is why so many organisations – large and small – now trust Aerona to arrange and manage their Break Bulk shipping needs.

Here are just a few of the Break Bulk transportation consignments we have moved or handled for our clients:

  • Boats from Miami USA to the UK and Ireland and to the USA from Ireland
  • Tractors and mowers from the USA
  • Excavators from the USA
  • Extruder shutters from the USA
  • 60 tonnes steel consignment from the USA 

One phone call to Aerona is all it takes to find out more. 

Call 0161 652 3443 for a worthwhile discussion on Break Bulk Project Shipping.