Pig farmers case study

Case Studies - The Pig Farmers

Barbara, a pig farmer based in the North of England, found herself venturing into the world of freight for the first time. Introduced to us by a longstanding customer of Aerona, whom we’ve had the pleasure of serving for over a decade, Barbara expressed concerns about navigating the complexities of freight services.

Her worries centred on potential overpayment for freight, the legitimacy of overseas suppliers, and ensuring she received what she paid for. Barbara also sought advice on financial protection while aiming for competitive pricing and value for money.

In response, we devised a solution tailored to Barbara’s needs. Leveraging our network of overseas agents, we facilitated direct communication between Barbara and her supplier. Armed with the information provided by our agents, Barbara negotiated with confidence, clarifying her requirements, agreeing on pricing, completion dates, incoterms, and payment terms for the consignment’s collection.

Barbara’s feedback highlights her satisfaction with our services. This marked her inaugural
experience importing goods from China, and she found our assistance instrumental in simplifying the process. With timely updates throughout the shipment, the arrival of her first container on schedule, and a hassle-free experience, Aerona ensured Barbara’s maiden voyage into freight was smooth sailing.

Barbara’s testimonial:

First time for us to import goods from China. After speaking to Anthony, he arranged everything for us. First container arrived on Friday. During the shipment we were kept informed, and container arrive as stated. Aerona made our experience hassle free.