Single Indemnity


If you or your client do not have a deferment number (or you do, but the funds are not adequate to clear the consignment in hand), then an alternative arrangement is required to pay the customs duties.

This is normally arranged by means of bank draft payment to HM CUSTOMS & EXCISE, for collection by the clearing agent. (In this case, Aerona Air & Sea Customs Clearing Agents Ltd

You can arrange this through your own bank who will make the draft available to collect from their local branch. The agents pays the draft into a special account designed for the purpose of clearing customs entries.

Each time an agent pays in a draft to HM Customs, the funder of the draft must sign an indemnity form to confirm that they are aware that the account is under the control of their clearing agent.

For arrived consignments where a Standing Indemnity is not already in place, a faxed Single Indemnity (C&E322) will be sufficient. Complete your company name and address as ‘Funder of the Payment’ and your name in block letters, then sign the form on the second page, again as ‘Funder of the Payment’. (If your client is arranging the bank draft then they must complete the form instead).

Single Indemnity are required for every import unless you already have a Standing Indemnity(C&E323) in place.

This form is not available on the HM Customs website, so Aerona can fax you the form on request.The C&E322 form can have a faxed signature when it is faxed back to Aerona.