CT Trading – Soy protein – Case Study

CT are importers and distributors of Soy protein into the UK. The company generally imports from Canada and experience very few problems with customs clearance on arrival in the UK. However, on this occasion they found it necessary to import the Soy protein from China, and on arrival into this country

HMRC Port Health Authority decided to take a sample of the goods for analysis.The problem was that the sample would need to be sent to Germany for analysis and it would take approximately 15 days for the result to arrive back in the UK. Throughout this waiting period the container was expected to remain at the port.Here is how Aerona (Air & Sea) Customs Clearing Agents were able to help:After discussions with the now extremely worried customer, who informed us that because the goods had been pre-sold, all their profit margin would be swallowed up by storage and demurrage charges. They were desperate for our help. Consequently we had a discussion with an HMRC officer in the Port Health Department, following which they allowed us to move the container, and its contents – under seal – to a secure warehouse at the customer’s premises until the result of HMRC findings had been received.As a result of our intervention the customer saved 15 days storage and quay rent, and were only required to pay for just one day, which was only because the liner had not been able to arrange delivery until that day.Fifteen days later, the results came back positive and the relieved customer was able to take delivery of their goods, arrange onward dispatch to their customers … and most importantly, maintain their margin.
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