new digital PoUS system will replace the T2L certificate and suppliers’ declarations.

new digital PoUS system

This bulletin from HM Revenue and Customs outlines important changes for goods moving from Ireland to Great Britain and introduces a new digital system for managing goods with ‘Union (EU) status.’

Here’s a summarized overview of the key points:

Changes for Goods Moving from the Island of Ireland to Great Britain:

Effective since January 31, 2024, certain goods face full customs controls when moved from
Irish ports to Great Britain.

Import processes are mandatory for goods directly imported from Ireland into Great Britain.
Goods moving from Northern Ireland (NI) to Great Britain through Irish ports must complete import processes if they fall under specific categories, including non-qualifying NI goods,
excise goods, weapons of mass destruction-related goods, or endangered species.
Goods held in storage in Ireland, which do not move directly to an Irish port, also need to complete import processes.

Traders are encouraged to refer to the step-by-step guide on GOV.UK for importing goods and can address questions to Imports and exports: general enquiries.

Registering for the New Digital System – Union (EU) Status:

Goods with Union status have the right to circulate freely in the EU single market and NI.

Union status is not limited to goods produced in the EU, and goods produced in NI can automatically receive Union status under the Windsor Framework.
Proof of Union Status (PoUS) is required for goods transported between EU countries, between EU countries and NI, or those moving through Great Britain but deviating outside the EU customs territory.

From March 1, 2024, a new digital PoUS system will replace the T2L certificate and suppliers’ declarations.

Transit and Regular Shipping Services (RSS):

Transit and Regular Shipping Services remain unaffected by the new PoUS system and will continue to confirm the status of goods as usual.

Getting Ready for the New Digital System (From March 1, 2024):
Traders need to use the new PoUS system to upload data for an endorsement request.

To access PoUS via the EU Portal, traders must register for Uniform User Management (UUM) by emailing:

Information required for UUM registration includes name, email address, confirmation of registration interest, Northern Ireland business address, and XI EORI number.

Once registered, traders can submit a PoUS endorsement request for HMRC consideration, and if approved, it will be available to customs authorities in EU countries.
PoUS remains valid for 90 days post-endorsement, and retrospective applications are approved only in exceptional circumstances.

For additional information, traders are advised to read the legislative text and access a free training course.

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