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Ensuring Safe Transport of Lithium Batteries – Aerona’s Commitment

At Aerona Customs Clearance Agents, we understand the critical importance of safe transport practices for lithium batteries within the aviation industry. 

For years, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been diligent in monitoring the risks associated with transporting lithium batteries on passenger and cargo aircraft, both departing from and arriving in the UK. 

Monitoring the Risks associated with Transporting Lithium Batteries

This concern has escalated to the top of the CAA safety risk register and is a prominent feature in the National Aviation Safety Plan. 

Rising awareness of these risks motivates us to support the CAA’s campaign and further enhance safety measures to prevent the potential of a catastrophic lithium battery fire.

Collaboration on a national and international scale is essential to address these risks effectively. 

As a UK Regulated Agent, Aerona plays a crucial role in ensuring that all air cargo, including lithium batteries, undergoes robust screening to prevent the transportation of prohibited articles. 

This screening process, mandated by aviation security regulations, not only enhances security but also contributes significantly to safety mitigation efforts. 

It is imperative that our staff and clients understand the hazards associated with undeclared lithium batteries to collectively enhance flight safety through vigilant monitoring of the supply chain leading up to aircraft loading. 

Detailed guidance regarding the safe transport of lithium batteries is readily accessible on the CAA’s website to assist handling agents in adhering to best practices. 

Regulation and Compliance

While existing regulatory frameworks provide a level of protection for the transport of lithium batteries, adherence to these regulations is paramount. Compliance ensures the integrity of safety measures. 

Non-compliance, especially through mis-declaration or undeclared shipments of lithium batteries, significantly weakens the protective barriers. 

Regrettably, instances of non-compliance and substandard lithium battery shipments that do not meet international manufacturing and testing standards persist. 

At Aerona, we are committed to upholding the highest standards in customs clearance and cargo screening to mitigate risks associated with the transport of lithium batteries. 

By aligning our practices with the CAA’s safety initiatives and their new campaign ‘Batteries are Included’, we aim to contribute to the aviation industry’s overall safety goals. 

Our dedication to compliance, education and adherence to best practices is testament to our longstanding and ongoing commitment to air cargo safety. 

No stone left unturned in the pursuit of safety.

We urge all industry stakeholders to prioritise the safe transport of lithium batteries and join us in our collective efforts to ensure that air cargo operations adhere to stringent safety protocols. 

Through collaboration and vigilance, we can collectively enhance the safety and security of aviation operations, safeguarding both passengers and crew from potential dangers associated with lithium battery transport.

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